Senior Health Insurance Information Program

The Senior Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP) is a free and unbiased counseling program provided by the State of Iowa Insurance Division (IID) for Medicare beneficiaries. This program was created in 1990 and is facilitated through host agencies and volunteers. We are a free, confidential service of the State of Iowa that helps Iowans make informed decisions about Medicare and other health coverage.

SHIIPMilestones Area Agency on Aging is a sponsor location and helps coordinate the efforts of trained volunteers in the Davenport and Ottumwa office who can help seniors make informed decisions about Medicare parts A & B, Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Prescription Drug coverage also known as Part D, and other health coverage. They can also help explain benefit summary statements and answer questions about upcoming program changes.

SHIIP informational presentations can be given to seniors at activity centers, housing facilities and other locations where seniors gather. Individuals can also request assistance through a confidential one-on-one counseling session geared toward their Medicare questions or concerns.

SHIIP counselors provide accurate, objective information; they help seniors understand their options, so that better-informed decisions can be made relating to healthcare and Medicare.

All SHIIP volunteers have been trained in Medicare and Medicaid benefits, eligibility and claims, as well as Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Part D and Long-term Care. All SHIIP counselors provide their skills on a volunteer basis, and assure their clients of completely unbiased assistance.

Iowa SHIIP does not sell any products or policies, does not conduct market research, and is not related to any insurance companies.

You can depend on Milestones to deliver solutions regarding Medicare questions and concerns. Free and confidential.