In 1965, Congress enacted the Older Americans Act to coordinate community-based programs for older citizens. Its objectives were to assist senior citizens in finding adequate housing, health services, dignified long-term institutional and in-home care and to act as an advocate for job opportunities. Amendments to the Act in 1972 increased its range to include a nutrition program for the elderly and in 1973 required states to establish Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) to coordinate federal and state programs with local efforts. There are AAA’s nationwide. Milestones is one of the six AAAs in Iowa that assist seniors in finding the services they need to age at home along with helping adults with disabilities find resources and options to accommodate independent living now and in the future.

Milestones is a not-for-profit organization, working with and through community organizations to administer a wide range of local services for Iowans age 60 years and better, adults with disabilities and family caregivers.  It’s the first step in finding up-to-date information and assistance when looking for available services.

Milestones and its programs are funded through a partnership of federal, state and local governments, private grants and participant donations. Federal money is allocated through the Administration for Community Living and, along with funds provided by the state, is funneled to the Iowa Area Agencies on Aging through the Iowa Department on Aging. Individual counties also allocate money to Milestones and to area services.

Funding Sources

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